The Georgia State Patrol (GSP) reported that three children were injured after a driver crashed into the school bus they were riding in. The crash occurred in Walker County on Marble Top Road as the bus was parked at a school bus stop.

According to a statement released by GSP, the 18-year-old driver –  who was operating a gold Jeep – told officers that she began sneezing uncontrollably, which caused her to hit the back of the bus. A child was getting off the bus when the Jeep slammed into the bus. Multiple children on the bus told the police that they saw the woman driver holding a cell phone in her hand when the crash occurred.

GSP also noted that the impact caused the Jeep’s speedometer to freeze at 38 mph.

Three children were treated at the scene by EMTs for what GSP referred to as “minor injuries.” One parent reported to the media that she brought her child to the emergency room, but it was unclear whether that child was one of the victims treated at the scene.

Police have not yet announced whether the Jeep’s driver will be cited for any traffic violations.

School Bus Accidents

Millions of children ride school buses every day and even though the federal government has said that these buses are one of the safest modes of transportation there is, children still get injured and even killed in these crashes. They are especially vulnerable when they are getting on and off the bus.

While any car accident claim can be complex, school bus accidents can pose some issues that make them difficult to resolve, including determining liability and the fact the majority of these cases involve child victims. This is why parents should consult with a Lawrenceville, GA car accident lawyer if their child has been injured in a school bus accident.

Even what may appear as a minor accident can result in injuries and trauma for a child. This is why any child that has been on a school bus in any type of crash should be taken to a medical professional to be evaluated for any injuries. It is not uncommon for symptoms of crash injuries to be delayed for hours or even days, but the delay in medical attention can result in serious complications.

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There are different statutes of limitations in personal injury claims involving children than there are with adults. There may also be different legal steps required if the at-fault party is a “municipality.” For example, if your city or town oversees school bus transportation instead of contracting out to private companies, how the lawsuit or claim will proceed may be different than when the transportation is handled by a private company. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled car accident lawyers.