Truck Accident Lawyer Watkinsville GA

Watkinsville Truck Accident LawyerBig vehicles, such as delivery trucks and tractor trailers, can cause immense damage to passenger cars in the event of an accident, as a Watkinsville GA truck accident lawyer has unfortunately seen all too often. This is due to the size and weight comparison between commercial trucks and your everyday cars. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) shows that many of these collisions happened because truck drivers were not paying enough attention to the road, or had failed to adjust their speed based on road conditions. Other causes of truck accidents could include a trucking company’s failure to ensure their drivers were trained and qualified, or defective vehicle parts that malfunctioned when in motion. If you were injured in an accident with a commercial truck, please contact us at Norris Injury Law as soon as possible.

Those who have been in a truck accident may wonder what their options are moving forward. How will your medical bills get paid? And will you be reimbursed for the costs to fix or replace your vehicle? And if you have to stay home from work to recover, how will your living expenses be funded? What if you aren’t able to return to work because of the injuries? These are all normal concerns, and valid ones. To have your questions answered, call us right away.

There are many contributing factors that can cause a truck accident to occur, such as distracted driving, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving recklessly, speeding, driving while fatigued, poor hiring by the trucking company, failing to maintain truck engines and parts, and failing to enforce proper break periods for truckers. It’s important to understand that there could have been factors that contributed to the accident that you are not yet aware of. What a Watkinsville truck accident lawyer can do is perform an investigation and see what all the contributing factors could have been and all of the parties who could share liability for what happened. You may initially think that it’s just the trucker who is at fault for the accident, but it could be a part manufacturer, the trucking company, another driver, or someone else entirely. 

Driving next to a commercial truck on the roadway is enough to feel the vast discrepancy in size and weight between your average vehicle and these hefty trucks. Trucking commerce is an important element of our society and allows us to transport goods from one area to another. But when regulations are not followed and truckers are put under pressure to meet strict deadlines, tragedy can ensue. A driver may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time when a trucker had caused an accident to occur. The injuries for victims can range from broken bones to spinal cord injuries, and crushed extremities to mental anguish. As a legal team who has handled truck accidents in the past, we have seen the way that victims and their families can be affected. If this is something that you’re going through, please call us as soon as you can. A Watkinsville truck accident lawyer from Norris Injury Law is ready to come see your aid. 

Truck Accidents Caused By the Trucking Company

As a trusted Watkinsville, GA truck accident lawyer from Norris Injury Law knows, truck accidents caused by trucking companies in Georgia can have serious implications for those involved. When a trucking company is found responsible for an accident, it is crucial to take the appropriate steps to protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

How Negligence Contributes to Truck Accidents

Negligence on the part of the trucking company can contribute to these accidents, such as hiring inexperienced drivers, inadequate training, violating regulations on driving hours, neglecting vehicle maintenance, or overloading trucks. These factors increase the risk of accidents on Georgia’s roads and put lives at stake.

What To Do Following a Truck Accident

If you find yourself in a truck accident caused by a trucking company in Georgia, it is important to remember a few key actions.

Medical Attention. First and foremost, prioritize your health and well-being. Seek immediate medical attention, even if injuries are not readily apparent. Some injuries may manifest later, and obtaining medical records will be essential for your case. Follow all medical treatment and rehabilitation plans recommended by your healthcare provider. This not only aids in your recovery but also provides additional evidence of the impact of the injuries on your life.

Speaking With Police. Contact the authorities to report the accident and provide accurate details of what transpired. A police report will be a valuable document for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

Documenting the Scene. Document the scene of the accident if you are physically able to do so. Take photographs of vehicle damage, road conditions, and any other relevant details. Collect contact information from witnesses who may have observed the accident.

Don’t Apologize. Avoid admitting fault or apologizing for the accident. Such statements can be misconstrued as accepting liability, potentially impacting your ability to seek compensation.

Speak With a Lawyer. Consult with a Watkinsville truck accident lawyer who specializes in truck accidents caused by trucking companies. They will evaluate your case, guide you through the legal process, and help build a strong claim to seek fair compensation for your damages.

Speak With Insurance. Notify your insurance company about the accident, but consult with your lawyer before providing any recorded statements or accepting settlement offers. It is important to ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the claims process.

Preserve Evidence. Preserve all evidence related to the accident, including medical records, repair bills, and any other relevant documents. This evidence will be crucial in supporting your claim for compensation.

Don’t Accept the First Offer. Exercise caution when presented with early settlement offers from the trucking company or their insurance provider. These offers may not adequately compensate you for your injuries and damages. Consult with your attorney before accepting any settlements to ensure your rights are protected. It is important that you stay engaged and informed throughout the process. Maintain open communication with your attorney, provide any requested information or documents promptly, and follow their guidance on the best course of action.

By following these steps, you can navigate through the aftermath of a truck accident caused by a trucking company in Georgia more effectively, protecting your rights and pursuing fair compensation for your losses. When you need help with your case, reach out to Norris Injury Law to speak with our Watkinsville truck accident lawyer today.