Truck Accident Lawyer Winder, GA

Truck Accident Lawyer Winder, GAIf you sustained injuries in a truck accident, you may want to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Winder, GA. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses. A lawyer can help you file a claim against the negligent party.

Common Misconceptions About Truck Accidents

If you are the victim of a truck accident, it is important to educate yourself about the facts surrounding these accidents. Here are some common myths about truck accidents that you shouldn’t believe.

  • Truck drivers often suffer severe injuries in accidents. Some people assume that truck drivers suffer as serious injuries as drivers of passenger vehicles. The truth is that drivers of passenger vehicles are much more likely to sustain catastrophic injuries, like paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, burns and amputations. Commercial trucks offer more protection than passenger vehicles because they’re much larger.
  • Truck drivers have to follow the same traffic laws as drivers of passenger vehicles. Truck drivers are actually held to stricter standards on the road than drivers of passenger vehicles. For instance, truck drivers may be prohibited from driving on certain roads because of weight restrictions and have to drive at lower speeds than cars.
  • Breaks for truck drivers are strictly enforced. Federal regulations require truck drivers to take breaks after driving a certain number of hours. However, that doesn’t mean that these rules are strictly enforced. As a truck accident lawyer in Winder, GA can confirm, some truck drivers skip breaks to deliver their goods on time. This can cause fatigue, a major cause of truck accidents.
  • Truck drivers are too experienced to cause accidents. Truck drivers are required to obtain commercial licenses before operating a commercial truck. Therefore, some people assume that these drivers are too experienced to get into collisions. However, even the most experienced truck drivers can still make errors, like speeding and getting distracted, that can cause accidents.
  • Trucking companies aren’t responsible for accidents. Truck drivers often are not the only liable party in an accident. In many cases, the trucking company is also held responsible for a truck accident. For example, if a trucking company didn’t require a driver to undergo training or forced the driver to work unrealistic hours, they may be a liable party in the event of an accident.

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