How To Get Bicycle Accident Injuries Paid For

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Athens, GA

Bicycling is an efficient workout that is also enjoyable. Although you don’t want to be hurt while riding, it happens. If you were injured while riding your bike, you could be wondering how to pay for the medical care your injuries require. The following are just a few ideas. At Norris Law, we have a  bicycle accident lawyer in Athens GA who can also help you understand how you can get paid after a bicycle accident injury. Contact us today for legal consultation to forge a way forward.

Personal Injury Protection

In some cases, a bicyclist also owns a car and is properly insured with auto insurance coverage. If that sounds like your situation, you likely have PIP, which is required in many areas. This pays for medical expenses associated with accidents that occur with a vehicle. Even if you were on a bike when in an accident with a vehicle, it could qualify for PIP coverage. PIP doesn’t just cover medical expenses, but could compensate you for lost wages or child care if those are issues after your accident.

Med Pay

Med pay is similar to PIP, though it is not required. Instead, you have the option of including it in your auto insurance policy. Med pay only covers medical costs, so you wouldn’t be able to use it for other essential services after your accident. It might cover health insurance deductibles, surgeries, ambulance fees, nursing services, hospital visits and other similar medical expenses.

Personal Health Insurance

Whether through your employer or on your own, you might have personal health insurance. Again, personal health insurance will not cover any other essential services, but it is nice to have this benefit when your injuries require an extreme amount of medical services. If the accident isn’t your fault, you may not want to use your personal health insurance because you don’t want your premiums to go up, but it is a good option if it’s the only option you have left. If you’re planning to sue the individual who hit you while riding your bike, the health insurer will most likely place a lien on your settlement.

Letter of Protection

Sometimes you can’t get compensation as quickly as you need it, so you end up employing other tactics. A letter of protection is one of those tactics. By signing this document, you are promising the medical provider that you will pay for the services by a specified date. The medical provider would also have to approve and sign the letter before providing services.

Contacting a Lawyer

When you’re riding your bike and are in an accident, the injuries could get quite serious. Contacting a bicycle accident lawyer in Athens, GA could be the best way to ensure you are given the compensation you deserve. Call our bicycle accident at Norris Law today for any assistance while claiming your compensation. We are ready to help you in your legal battle.