How To Get Bicycle Accident Injuries Paid For

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Bicycling is an efficient workout that is also enjoyable. Although you don’t want to be hurt while riding, it happens. If you were injured while riding your bike, you could be wondering how to pay for the medical care your injuries require. The following are just a few ideas. At Norris Injury Law, we have a  bicycle accident lawyer in Athens GA who can also help you understand how you can get paid after a bicycle accident injury. Contact us today for legal consultation to forge a way forward.

Personal Injury Protection

In some cases, a bicyclist also owns a car and is properly insured with auto insurance coverage. If that sounds like your situation, you likely have PIP, which is required in many areas. This pays for medical expenses associated with accidents that occur with a vehicle. Even if you were on a bike when in an accident with a vehicle, it could qualify for PIP coverage. PIP doesn’t just cover medical expenses, but could compensate you for lost wages or child care if those are issues after your accident.

Med Pay

Med pay is similar to PIP, though it is not required. Instead, you have the option of including it in your auto insurance policy. Med pay only covers medical costs, so you wouldn’t be able to use it for other essential services after your accident. It might cover health insurance deductibles, surgeries, ambulance fees, nursing services, hospital visits and other similar medical expenses.

Personal Health Insurance

Whether through your employer or on your own, you might have personal health insurance. Again, personal health insurance will not cover any other essential services, but it is nice to have this benefit when your injuries require an extreme amount of medical services. If the accident isn’t your fault, you may not want to use your personal health insurance because you don’t want your premiums to go up, but it is a good option if it’s the only option you have left. If you’re planning to sue the individual who hit you while riding your bike, the health insurer will most likely place a lien on your settlement.

Letter of Protection

Sometimes you can’t get compensation as quickly as you need it, so you end up employing other tactics. A letter of protection is one of those tactics. By signing this document, you are promising the medical provider that you will pay for the services by a specified date. The medical provider would also have to approve and sign the letter before providing services.

Contacting a Lawyer

When you’re riding your bike and are in an accident, the injuries could get quite serious. Contacting a bicycle accident lawyer in Athens, GA could be the best way to ensure you are given the compensation you deserve. Call our bicycle accident at Norris Injury Law today for any assistance while claiming your compensation. We are ready to help you in your legal battle.

Wear Gear That Increases Visibility

As an Athens, GA bicycle accident lawyer knows, by wearing gear and clothing that provides high-visibility, it increases the odds that a driver is going to notice a bicyclist. From jerseys to helmets, and ankle or leg gear, the colors must be bright, but fluorescent is even better. A flashing white light at the front of the bike and red flashing light at the back is essential to have at nighttime, but can be useful during the day as well. Raising your visibility can ultimately be what saves you from serious injury. If you were hit by a car driver while using a bike, please call our team at Norris Injury Law right away for more help. 

Opt For The Safest Lane

If there is a bike lane, utilize it. Every bicyclist has the responsibility to make decisions about where they ride on the road, and whether they share a lane with cars or use the bike lane if one is present. When you take control of a lane, you are alerting car drivers that they have to go around you, not squeeze by dangerously close. Most roads are substandard, in which bicyclists must take the lane and may choose to ride either in the right or left tire position next to a vehicle. 

Memorize And Utilize Hand Signals

It’s wise to learn hand signals and use them when out on a bicycle. This is true when you are alone or riding as a group. Be obvious when using your hand signals. Even if a driver doesn’t know what the signal means per say, they will understand that you are about to make a maneuver and to give you more space to do so. As an Athens bicycle accident lawyer suggests, be clear and timely in your signaling, so that drivers can slow down and wait for your next move.

Don’t Assume A Driver Sees You

We all want to hope that car drivers are concerned about our best interest, but sadly, not every driver operates their vehicle with the safety of others in mind. Those who ride bikes on a regular basis can probably attest to just how often they encounter car drivers who don’t care to yield to their presence, or don’t even notice them in the first place. Do not assume a driver sees you, even if you have made eye contact. Always stay alert to a driver’s sudden change of direction or speed. 

Use A Bicycle Mirror

Being hit from behind is actually the least likely way of being injured, but it’s still important to be aware of your surroundings, which involves what may be approaching from the back. You don’t need to use the bike mirror constantly. It can help if you are in a situation where a bus, commercial truck, or motorhome passes you suddenly without much space in between, which could cause you to lose control over your bike. 

Those who have been seriously injured in a bike accident because of a careless driver, or someone else, are advised to reach out to a Athens bicycle accident lawyer from Norris Injury Law as soon as possible. We are here to help.

Bike Accident FAQ

An Athens, GA bicycle accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Read on to learn more about what you should expect after a bike accident, and get in touch with Norris Injury Law for a free consultation.

What Should I Do After A Bike Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, you should make sure everyone involved is safe. Once you’re out of harm’s way, call 911.

Bike accidents should be treated just like car accidents, including reporting your accident to the authorities. You should collect everyone’s information, and once police and first responders arrive, you should ask the cops how you can get a copy of the incident report.

Don’t forget to take photos of everything, and get contact information from any witnesses who saw the accident as well. The more information you can collect after a bike accident, the better. 

Who Pays For My Bike Accident Injuries?

You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your injuries. Insurance can provide you with the money you need to pay for your medical bills, but it’s not the “free money” everyone expects.

Unfortunately, it’s a common practice for insurance companies to hold on to your money for as long as possible. They generate interest by sitting on your cash, which means you may be in for a complicated and frustrating fight if you’ve been hurt in a bike accident.

Why Should I Contact A Lawyer After My Bicycle Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a bike accident, you’ll need some money to pay for your medical bills. But if your insurance provider is holding out on your payment, or your accident was caused by someone else, you should get in touch with an Athens bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

The right lawyer can help you fight against insurance companies to make sure you get the money you need, whether it’s to pay for medical bills, repairs, or even lost wages. Additionally, a bike accident lawyer can determine who else may be responsible for your injuries.

How Does A Lawyer Determine Negligence?

When you experience a bike accident, it’s important to document everything. Photo and video evidence can help your lawyer determine who was responsible for your injuries – and who may be on the hook for the price of your recovery.

Your legal team may rely on your evidence and their own investigation of the site of the accident to find out who should be held accountable. 

In some cases, it’s pretty easy to determine negligence. For example, a drunk driver clearly neglects his or her responsibility to keep others on the road safe. In other instances, your legal team may need to do some more digging – such as determining whether the city should be held accountable for a poorly-planned intersection.

What Should I Look For In A Bike Accident Lawyer?

Don’t take any chances when you’re searching for a bike accident lawyer. Get in touch with a firm that has plenty of experience in your area, and reach out for a free consultation to understand what they can offer.

If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with Norris Injury Law to speak with an Athens bicycle accident lawyer you can trust.