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An Attorney at Norris Law provides more than just sound legal advice and compensation for your injuries. At Norris Law, our Athens car accident lawyers will always put your needs first. Traffic collisions are one of our nation’s leading causes of death each year, and Athens is no exception. Throughout Athens Clarke-County, car drivers are seriously injured as a result of car accidents and automobile collisions. Distracted driving, texting while driving, operating a vehicle under the influence, or bad weather all contribute to motor vehicle accidents in Athens, Georgia.

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Car wrecks can wreck lives: Physically, emotionally, and financially. An automobile collision not only complicates your life, it can alter your life plans and leave you permanently disabled or worse. While you and your family are adjusting to the injury, trying to get healthy, and trying to understand insurance, the insurance companies are likely already working against you. Auto insurance can get complicated quickly, and health insurance and medical bills can add to that stress. Pass that problem off to an experienced auto accident attorney and staff who will listen to you, consult with you honestly and openly, and keep you in the loop along the way. Finding the right auto accident attorney is the first step to getting you the compensation you deserve. Norris Law fights hard to get you the results you’re entitled to from serious injury or wrongful death.

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