Head-On Collisions Accident Lawyer Athens, GA

Head-on collisions are one of the scariest types of crashes – the terror of seeing the oncoming vehicle bearing down on you and the fear and panic after the crash can leave anyone frightened and unsure of what to do afterward. Your vehicle may be a total write-off, and you may be in critical condition in the hospital and worried about when or if you’ll be able to work again. Under this pressure, coordinating an insurance claim or preparing to file a lawsuit may feel impossible.

You don’t have to face these decisions alone. In fact, you may be able to hand all of your legal concerns and paperwork over to your Athens, GA, head-on collisions accident lawyer. At Norris Injury Law, we can file your claim and lawsuit and handle all communications with the other party, including insurance companies. For a free, no-obligation case review, call our offices today. We can review the details of the accident, evaluate the strength of your claim, and provide personalized legal advice for your situation.

An Athens Head-On Collisions Accident Lawyer Protects You After The Wreck

Don’t be surprised if the other driver’s insurance adjuster contacts you soon after the wreck. They may ask for a statement, but be careful about talking to them—anything you say to the insurance company may be used by them as an argument that you caused the crash and, therefore, are not eligible for a settlement.

Or, the insurance adjuster may offer you a fast settlement, and while this may seem like an easy way to end the case and move on, there may be major consequences if you accept their lowball offer. With rare exceptions, settlement offers are final the moment you sign the agreement, releasing the other party from further liability and accepting the check. If the settlement does not cover the full value of your losses, like medical bills for rehabilitation or complications, then you’ll be responsible for those bills.

Our lawyers conduct a thorough investigation into your case and properly value your damages to help avoid this unfortunate situation. We can manage this process as your legal representative and negotiate full and fair compensation on your behalf.

Damages You May Be Able To Recover In A Car Accident Case

Depending on the details of your situation, including the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life and ability to earn a living, you may be eligible to collect the following damages after a head-on wreck:

  • Past, present, and future medical care, including medications and rehabilitative therapy
  • Lost wages from work you missed because your injuries kept you from going
  • Property damage, or the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle
  • Loss of earning capacity if you are injured to the point where you’re unable to continue in your current line of work and must take a lower-paying job
  • Pain and suffering, and emotional trauma

We fight to ensure that you’re properly compensated for the full extent of your losses.

Do You Need Legal Advice After A Head-On Collision?

If you’ve been injured in a head-on crash, we’re ready to help. Reach out to Norris Injury Law today to book a free consultation with a skilled Athens head-on collisions accident lawyer.