Truck Accident Lawyer Lawrenceville, GA

Truck Accident Lawyer Lawrenceville, GA

As a Lawrenceville, GA truck accident lawyer shares, it may or may not come as a surprise to learn that one of the main contributing factors of truck accidents is truck driver fatigue. These hefty commercial vehicles can be seen all across the highways of America, and can be an intimidating presence. There are plenty of factors that can cause truck accidents to happen, such as falling asleep behind the wheel, poor weather, driver negligence, lack of training, overloading, construction, and more. But what is important to note here is that many people get injured in accidents with trucks due to no fault of their own. If you were recently injured in a truck-related accident, contact us at Norris Injury Law to learn about seeking compensation.

Sleep and Trucker Fatigue

Truck drivers have a duty to the safety of others to always operate their truck with diligence and care. And part of that duty is to get enough sleep and rest breaks between each driving session, so they do not endanger anyone due to fatigue. When truck drivers violate the state and federal rules for trucking regulations, serious catastrophes can ensue. For example, a trucker can drive up to 60 hours within a week span, or 70 hours within 8 days. However, if a trucker exceeds these rules, they could be putting the health and safety of the public at risk. But it is important to mention that a trucker can become fatigued even before this maximum is reached, simply due to the nature of the work itself.

Who Could Be Liable?

Aside from the truck driver, there are other parties who could share liability in the truck accident. The trucking company may share liability if they failed to train the truck driver properly, overloaded the cargo on the vehicle, created a work culture that promotes breaking the rules, or otherwise influenced the incident to happen. Likewise, a product manufacturer for a truck part that malfunctioned or was defective when in motion could be partially liable as well. The best way to know for sure if you could be owed compensation for your injuries, property damage, and other loss, is to schedule a meeting with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Lawrenceville, GA as soon as possible. Once we know what your individual circumstances are, we can advise further.

Norris Injury Law

The thought of dealing with a legal issue can feel like too much to deal with after a serious accident. And you may think that you do not need a lawyer’s help. However, intervention from a Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer after an accident can make the ultimate difference in how much the victim recovers in financial restitution. A lawyer knows the law, is attuned to victim’s rights, and can negotiate a settlement that is more than what an insurance company would initially offer. When trucking companies know a lawyer is involved in the case, they can suddenly become much more accommodating and willing to provide compensation to the victims of the accident. For more information, please call us at Norris Injury Law today.

How Truck Accidents Happen

A Lawrenceville, GA truck accident lawyer knows that such accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, which can make it challenging to determine who is liable. A myriad of factors contribute to these accidents, with the most common being driver error, mechanical failures, and adverse environmental conditions. Driver error stands as one of the most prevalent causes of truck accidents. Drivers often grapple with demanding schedules and extensive hours on the road, which can lead to fatigue and impair decision-making. Furthermore, the scourge of distracted driving and impaired driving exacerbates the situation. These distractions include activities such as texting or using mobile phones while behind the wheel, diverting the driver’s focus from the road, and increasing the risk of accidents.

Creating a Strong Claim

In the aftermath of a truck accident, creating a robust claim is imperative for those seeking compensation for the damages incurred. Constructing such a claim involves several critical steps, including the collection of evidence, meticulous documentation of injuries and damages, and establishing liability. The first step involves gathering evidence, which includes collecting as much information as possible at the accident scene. This entails taking photographs, obtaining witness statements, and securing police reports. The more comprehensive the evidence, the stronger the foundation for your claim. Next, meticulous documentation of injuries and damages is paramount. It is imperative to seek immediate medical attention, even if injuries appear minor. This enables the compilation of all medical treatments, doctor’s notes, and medical bills related to the accident. It is also strongly recommended to maintain records that detail property damage and necessary repairs. 

Who Can File a Claim

As a Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer can tell you about, there are several parties who can be eligible to file a claim. These parties typically include injured individuals, surviving family members in wrongful death cases, and property owners whose assets sustained damage during the accident. Each group has specific legal avenues through which they can pursue their claims, ensuring that the responsible parties are held accountable and that those impacted receive the compensation they deserve.

When to Seek Legal Counsel

While seeking legal counsel is crucial in all truck accident cases, certain situations underscore the importance of securing legal representation promptly. This includes instances where severe injuries are sustained, liability disputes arise, insurance companies complicate the claims process, and wrongful death cases emerge. For those who have suffered severe injuries, consulting an attorney is essential to pursue compensation covering medical expenses, rehabilitation, and long-term care. Sometimes liability disputes can occur, which may require an investigation conducted by the lawyer. 

In conclusion, comprehending the multifaceted nature of how truck accidents happen, the steps involved in creating a strong claim, the parties eligible to file claims, and the significance of seeking legal counsel underscores the importance of addressing these critical aspects in the aftermath of a truck accident. By being well-informed and taking appropriate action, individuals can better navigate the intricate legal and financial challenges that often arise during these unfortunate situations, ultimately seeking justice and closure. Learn about what type of legal services you can receive from a skilled Lawrenceville lawyer like one from Norris Injury Law if you have been a victim in a recent truck accident.