Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Watkinsville, GA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Watkinsville, GAIf you or a loved one needs a motorcycle accident lawyer in Watkinsville, GA, you want to talk with Norris Law.

It’s an unfortunate fact, but motorcycle accidents are distressingly common and are on the increase. According to the Georgia Department of Driver Service, between 2017 and 2020 motorcycle fatalities increased some 22 percent. Injuries also increased over the same period.

If you drive a bike, your best bet is to slow down. Yes, you have an equal right to the road as a car, but car drivers often simply don’t see motorcycles and it’s up to you to protect yourself with extra save biking.

What, exactly, is a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

A motorcycle accident lawyer is one who has made a specialty of helping people who are in motorcycle accidents. It means, among other things, that they know and understand the laws that govern motorcycle riding in the state and community they serve.

Not only do they understand the laws, they have true local knowledge of law enforcement, how the jail actually operates, and how the courts function and how the various court officials really feel about motorcycle riders. That’s because they work with these professionals on an almost daily basis. This kind of experience is priceless and it’s something you’re unlikely to have access to without a motorcycle accident lawyer.

A motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you get compensated for your accident. Norris Law has the experience you want when you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Watkinsville, GA

Some facts about motorcycle accidents

Road rash may be more serious than you think. As you probably know, road rash happens when your body slides across a road’s surface. It can happen even when you’re wearing protective gear. What’s usually unrecognized is that road rash can result in bacterial infections, edema and/or scars. In other words, the rash may be or become far worse than you expected.

Motorcycle accidents are usually caused by other people. If you’re surprised don’t feel alone. Most people think motorcycle drivers are the ones usually responsible for accidents, but it’s not true. The other drivers are the most likely to be negligent and cause an accident with a motorcycle.

Intersections are where most motorcycle accidents happen. Part of the reason for this is that other cars, buses, trees and tree branches and other plantings; even buildings can block a clear view of the cars approaching you. Get in the habit of being extra careful at intersections.

Consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer

Norris Law is happy to offer you a free initial consultation. Here you will get to tell your story to people who are knowledgeable about motorcycle accidents. They will also answer your questions and let you know what you can expect from the outstanding firm of motorcycle accident lawyers in Watkinsville, GA. Get started by filling out the form you’ll find on their contact page. You’ll also find their office address as well as their phone numbers. By all means get in touch. Not so incidentally they will charge you no fees at all unless they recover money for you.