Brain Injury Lawyer Watkinsville GA

Watkinsville Brain Injury LawyerWhile surgery is often a necessary part of life, as a Watkinsville GA brain injury lawyer knows, nothing can diminish the fear of putting your life in someone else’s hands. Regardless of the experience of a surgeon, or their confidence, a patient is almost always at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding and weighing the complexities of surgical outcomes. Because of inevitable misunderstandings and the constant threat of malpractice lawsuits, hospitals require verified consent before allowing the performance of any operation. These consent forms ensure the patient understands the risks and reasons for an operation, making clear the hospital has done its due diligence. If you feel like something wasn’t right about your consent form or surgery, reach out to us at Norris Injury Law immediately for help.

When you sign these forms, you acknowledge your understanding and grant legal permission to continue with the surgery. But, does your verified signature eliminate all liability, protecting the physician and hospital against malpractice lawsuits? No, at least not entirely.

What Is a Consent Form?

A consent form is precisely as it sounds: you consent to the surgery and acknowledge all the risks involved, including the possibility of death. The form is a way for the hospital to cover its liability vulnerabilities, meaning signing the form often mitigates any further litigation involving the hospital, especially related to routine risks or complications. However, while the consent form can help protect the hospital, it does not offer the same protection to the surgeons or medical staff. Additionally, if the hospital was negligent in its duties to ensure your safety, it can still be used for malpractice.

What Is a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Hospitals, doctors, nurses, and surgeons are all expected to act with a certain level of care and professionalism; falling short of those standards is equivalent to negligence. A medical malpractice suit is filed when a patient is claiming negligence. As a Watkinsville brain injury lawyer may explain, despite signing a consent form, you still have the right to file a medical malpractice suit. Signing the form is like a contract between you, the surgeon, and the hospital. You acknowledge the risks, and they promise to do everything to protect you and avoid further complications.

To reach the level of malpractice, a doctor, surgeon, or the hospital must do something to break their promise. For example, if a surgeon leaves a medical implement inside of you, leading to infection and other problems, they are guilty of negligence, even if it was an accident. If you believe you were a victim of medical malpractice, contact a Watkinsville brain injury lawyer right away. We can empathize with the terror and anguish of realizing that your doctor not only made a mistake, but one that cost you your health or the life of your loved one. Schedule a consultation at Norris Injury Law and discuss your claim to determine your next move. We are ready to come to your aid today. All you have to do is call.