Car Accident Lawyer Lawrenceville, GA

Car Accident Lawyer Lawrenceville, GA - broken glass on a carAfter a car crash, you should call a Lawrenceville, GA car accident lawyer at Norris Injury Law. While cars have become much safer since they were first invented, around 6 million car crashes occur in the U.S. every year. Unfortunately, car crashes are the leading reason for death in the country, with more than 38,000 people losing their lives every year. We’ll explore why it makes sense to contact an attorney after a crash. 


Reasons Why You Should Contact an Attorney 

Ideally, following a crash, the process should be very straightforward. You make a statement, gather evidence like pictures, collect the other driver’s contact information, copy your police report, report the incident to your or the other person’s insurance company, and receive compensation that covers everything. However, often the process can be more complicated, especially when dealing with significant damage. Some problems victims can run into are: 

The Insurance Company Not Offering a Fair Settlement 

Following a crash, you may deal with major expenses like expensive medical bills or needing to repair or replace your car. Unfortunately, an insurance company may not always offer enough compensation. Besides compensation for immediate expenses like hospital stays, compensation can also cover factors like: 

  • Lost wages, job rehabilitation, or disability benefits 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress, including the development of PTSD 
  • Overall reduced quality of life 
  • Loss of reputation 
  • In the case of a loved one passing away, wrongful death benefits like paying for funeral expenses

What Can An Attorney Do? 

Besides an insurance company not offering a fair settlement, they may also use techniques like not being willing to negotiate, not taking your calls or making it hard to contact them, blaming you for the incident, claiming you had a prior medical issue, etc. A Lawrenceville car accident attorney can help break through these issues and force the insurance company to negotiate by applying legal pressure. An attorney can also help you determine if you’re being offered a fair settlement or if you should hold out for a better offer. 

Do Car Accident Cases Make it to Court? 

A professional attorney isn’t afraid to go to court if necessary. However, a professional attorney also understands that settling outside of court is often the better solution. The truth is that most car accident cases settle outside the court system simply because they take too much time and money for both parties. Additionally, taking a case to court can be unpredictable. For example, a party may need to pay a higher settlement, or the case can be dismissed. 

Are There Situations Where an Attorney Isn’t Necessary? 

Whether or not you should call an attorney following a car crash often depends upon the severity of the crash. For example, a minor bump in the parking lot that can easily be covered under either party’s insurance probably won’t warrant a call to an attorney. However, if you’re dealing with massive property damages and medical expenses, it’s a good idea to consider an attorney. For a Lawrenceville car accident attorney, you should call Norris Injury Law