Wrongful Death Lawyer in Athens, GA

Wrongful Death Lawyer Athens, GA

As a wrongful death lawyer in Athens, GA understands, the grief you feel after losing a loved one cannot be fixed by a lawsuit. While losing your loved one is hard in any situation, it is especially difficult when that loss is unexpected and you feel that they have been ripped away from you. This is how many people feel when they are considering filing a wrongful death suit. If you have questions about filing a suit or are already in the process of doing so, do not hesitate to reach out to the compassionate lawyers from Norris Law. 

What are common examples of wrongful deaths? 

You may be wondering what constitutes a wrongful death claim and when it would be appropriate to file one. If, for example, your loved one passed away after they had been treated at a hospital, you might believe that a wrongful death claim is your next move. As an Athens, Georgia wrongful death lawyer will tell you, this depends on a few circumstances. Ask yourself this: what happened after your loved one was treated? Did they die from a known complication? Was their treatment a last effort to help them but they knew it might not work? 

In these types of situations, it is likely that your loved one knew of the risks of treatment or knew that the treatment may not be helpful and a wrongful death claim would not get very far in court. On the other hand, you may want to file a claim if you believe their medical provider was negligent or reckless. This could appear as: 

  • Their medical provider failing to notify them of after-care procedures
  • Their medical provider failing to discuss the potential risks of a procedure
  • Their medical provider failing to give them medication, giving them the wrong medication, or providing them with the wrong dose of medication

In the example above, you will need to show that their death could have been prevented and that another medical provider in the same position and with the same knowledge could have provided them with a different outcome. This can be done by using expert witnesses in court to help make your case stronger. 

Moving Forward with Your Claim 

When you are prepared to move forward with your claim, one of the first steps you should take is to reach out to our office. We would be happy to sit down with you and look at the evidence you have gathered to discuss if you should move forward. At this point, we can begin looking into medical experts who can bolster your wrongful death claim. 

Why You Need a Lawyer on Your Side

It is important to have an experienced wrongful death lawyer on your side so that you can get the full amount of compensation you deserve. A good lawyer will look over all of the details of your case to determine what you may be entitled to. For example, if you counted on your loved one to provide a certain amount of money from a paycheck every month, you need to be compensated for this sudden loss. It is also important to get justice for the loss of your loved one. You cannot bring them back, but you can try to hold the at-fault party responsible for their actions. It may even prevent the loss of another person in the future. 

A lawyer will know what kind of argument could likely be successful in court. Your lawyer can take care of all the details, big and small, so that you and your family can focus on preparing the funeral and grieving together. Your lawyer will make sure all of the paperwork is filled out and filed in time, as there is a statute of limitations for filing wrongful death cases. Your lawyer will also investigate further if necessary, as well as find other ways to prove that the at-fault party was negligent in one way or another. 

Types of Compensation You May Recover

There are many different types of compensation someone can receive after being involved in a wrongful death lawsuit. Here are some of the most common things you may file for because of the loss of your loved one: 

  • Compensation for all of the medical costs that were associated with the negligent behavior of the defendant. 
  • Compensation for pain and suffering that your family has been through because of this wrongful death.
  • Damages to punish the at-fault party for being negligent. One of the most common types of wrongful death cases that include this is when someone was drinking and driving and killed a person. 
  • Compensation for the lost wages that you no longer receive because of the loss of your loved one. 
  • Compensation for any therapy or other things that you need to do since losing your loved one. It can be emotionally traumatic losing someone too soon, and you should be able to have resources to help you heal without it impacting your finances. 

Your life should not be financially impacted because of the loss of your loved one. It is already difficult enough to move on without your loved one, so you should not have to bear a new financial burden along with this. 

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Do you want to see how we can help you? Reach out to our trusted wrongful death lawyer in Athens, Georgia today from Norris Law to see how we can move forward. We can set up a consultation to go over the details of what happened to see if you have a case. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Wrongful Death

What happens if a doctor makes a grave mistake?

As an Athens, GA wrongful death lawyer understands, realizing that a doctor has wronged you can cause alarm. The medical treatment you received may have caused additional harm, and you have decided whether to sue. One option is to represent yourself and take your case to trial without a lawyer present. A better decision is to hire an experienced legal team, such as us at Norris Injury Law, to help fight your case. Surviving relatives of someone who passed because of a medical error may be able to bring forward a lawsuit on behalf of their loved one.

Are medical malpractice cases always severe?

Many lawsuits involve minor matters, where the consequences of winning or losing aren’t particularly great. For instance, a fender bender may be frustrating, but the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle does not impact your life in a serious way. Medical mistakes, on the other hand, can have far-reaching consequences. The effects could potentially last a lifetime, and the bills associated with treatment are often devastating. Under such circumstances, you cannot afford to take the situation lightly. You need legal assistance that can help get the compensation you deserve.

How can I prove medical malpractice?

The bigger the stakes, the more difficult proving your case will be. A renowned surgeon, for instance, is unlikely to take the threat of having their license pulled willingly. And as an Athens wrongful death lawyer has seen, hospitals are inclined to want bad press neutralized. When livelihoods are at stake, powerful resources are going to be used to protect them. Unlike with less meaningful disputes, you might be up against high-powered lawyers, some of whom are unopposed to using questionable tactics to protect their clients. Unless you have a law degree, you are probably unprepared to face such legal eagles on your own. A medical malpractice lawyer can provide assistance in neutralizing whatever strategies they employ.

Why is evidence so important?

Arguing why a doctor negatively impacted your health can be tricky. It’s certainly more nuanced territory than many legal disputes. A medical malpractice lawyer with experience understands the ins and outs of specific operations, as well as how insurance companies function. A legal professional can give advice on how to collect evidence, in addition to how that proof should be presented in front of a jury. Your case may require testimony from medical experts, and a well-connected lawyer knows which statements are best for your case, along with how to secure their deposition.

When is the time to get help?

Seeking compensation for an injury caused by medical mistreatment is a high-stakes matter. The outcomes of these cases strongly impact every party involved. Take your malpractice suit seriously, and hire the best legal counsel you can afford. Doing so will increase the odds of a ruling that’s in your favor. If you are dealing with a possible medical malpractice situation, we urge you to contact an Athens wrongful death lawyer now. A team member from Norris Injury Law is ready to assist you.

Filing A Wrongful Death Claim For Your Child

Our compassionate Athens, GA wrongful death lawyer knows that losing a child is an unimaginable tragedy, and when it occurs due to someone else’s negligence or intentional actions, filing a wrongful death claim becomes a viable option for seeking justice and compensation. In Georgia, the laws surrounding wrongful death claims are specific, and the team at Norris Injury Law knows that understanding the process is essential. Here’s an overview of how to file a wrongful death claim for a child in Georgia.

  1. Eligibility to File: In Georgia, the parents or legal guardians of the deceased child are typically the ones eligible to file a wrongful death claim. If the child had no parents or legal guardians, the right to file may pass to other family members, such as grandparents or siblings. It’s important to consult with a lawyer to determine the specific eligibility in your case.
  2. Statute of Limitations: The statute of limitations sets a time limit for filing a wrongful death claim. In Georgia, the statute of limitations for such claims involving a child is generally two years from the date of the child’s death. It is crucial to initiate the legal process within this timeframe; otherwise, you may lose the right to seek compensation.
  3. Hiring a Lawyer: Engaging the services of an experienced Athens wrongful death lawyer is highly recommended. They will guide you through the legal process, provide expert advice, and ensure that your rights are protected. A lawyer will also handle the necessary paperwork, investigations, and negotiations on your behalf.
  4. Establishing Liability: To file a successful wrongful death claim, it must be demonstrated that someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions caused the child’s death. This can be challenging, and a thorough investigation is crucial to gather evidence supporting the claim. Your lawyer will work with investigators, experts, and witnesses to establish liability.
  5. Damages and Compensation: Damages in a wrongful death claim can include various factors, such as medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of companionship, emotional distress, and future financial support the child would have provided. The exact calculation of damages will depend on the specific circumstances of the case, and your lawyer will help determine the appropriate compensation to seek.
  6. Filing the Lawsuit: Once liability is established and damages are determined, your lawyer will file the wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf. The lawsuit will outline the facts of the case, the legal basis for the claim, and the compensation being sought. The defendant will be served with the lawsuit, and the legal process will begin.
  7. Negotiation and Settlement: In many cases, parties involved in a wrongful death claim will attempt to reach a settlement outside of court. Your lawyer will engage in negotiations with the responsible party’s insurance company or legal representation. They will advocate for your rights and work towards a fair settlement that adequately compensates for the loss of your child.

Understanding Wrongful Death and the Mowell v. Marks (2004) Case

Wrongful death cases are some of the most emotionally charged types of legal cases, as an Athens, GA wrongful death lawyer is familiar with. They revolve around the tragic loss of a loved one due to the negligence or misconduct of another. Not only are the families left grieving, but they are also burdened with financial and emotional hardships. It is in these circumstances that hiring an experienced Athens wrongful death lawyer becomes indispensable.

The Significance of the Mowell v. Marks (2004) Case

In the world of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, certain cases stand out, serving as milestones and guidance for future litigation. One such case is Mowell v. Marks from 2004. This case is often cited in legal circles for its significance and the precedents it established. Mowell v. Marks revolved around the wrongful death of a family member due to alleged negligence. The proceedings were meticulous and required a deep understanding of wrongful death laws. The court’s decision and the arguments put forth during the case continue to influence how similar cases are approached today. A detailed analysis of this case can provide key insights into how wrongful death cases are closed. 

Why an Athens Wrongful Death Lawyer is Vital

Wrongful death cases, like Mowell v. Marks, underline the importance of professional legal representation. These cases often involve intricate details that only an expert can unravel. An Athens wrongful death lawyer is equipped with the knowledge of local statutes, judicial precedents, and the intricacies of the legal process. They can navigate the challenging waters of litigation, ensuring that families receive the justice they deserve. A skilled Athens wrongful death lawyer can provide emotional support as well. While no amount of compensation can replace a loved one, a successful claim can ease the financial burden faced by families. This includes covering funeral expenses, loss of income, and other related costs. With the right legal aid, families can focus on healing and remembrance.

Choosing Norris Injury Law

Choosing a law firm to work on your case is a critical decision. Norris Injury Law stands out for its commitment to compassion, professionalism, and diligence. Our team understands the profound impact of a wrongful death on a family. We endeavor to ensure that every client feels supported, informed, and represented at the highest level. Our reputation speaks to our unwavering dedication to our clients and our desire to seek justice on their behalf.

Take the Next Step Towards Justice

Losing a loved one is an immeasurable pain, but you don’t have to navigate the aftermath alone. Enlisting the expertise of Norris Injury Law can make all the difference. With our skilled Athens wrongful death lawyer team by your side, you can pursue justice for your loved one and ensure that those responsible are held accountable. Get in touch with a trusted Athens wrongful death lawyer so that you can get the help you need to resolve your case. 

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Navigating the legal process of filing a wrongful death claim for a child in Georgia can be emotionally challenging. Hiring a lawyer who specializes in wrongful death cases will provide the necessary legal expertise, support, and guidance throughout the process. They will work tirelessly to seek justice for your child and secure the compensation you deserve for your loss. Reach out to Norris Injury Law to speak with our Athens wrongful death lawyer now.