Construction Site Injury Lawyer Athens GA

Athens Construction Site Injury LawyerAs an Athens GA construction site injury lawyer knows, construction work is an essential component of our industrial worlds, where buildings and other structures have to be created or fixed to meet a certain need. But those who work at construction sites specifically are vulnerable to sustaining serious injury that may even cost them their lives. Despite it being one of the most vital professions, construction work is also considered one of the most dangerous. Consider the fact that heavy machinery is used frequently and workers often have to reach immense heights that could be tragic to fall from. If you are someone who was hurt in a construction accident, or your family member was, please contact us right away at Norris Injury Law so that we can help.

There are several different categories of injuries that tend to be most common in the event of a construction site accident. These include electrocution, falling, being struck by an object, and getting caught in machinery or equipment. Such incidents are often life-threatening, or at least require urgent medical attention. Other examples of injury accidents can be related to collisions while driving a company vehicle, slip and falls, ground collapses, repetitive motion injuries, and more. 

If you work at a construction site and sustain an injury, there are steps that you can take to preserve your settlement amount and put the best interest of your health first. If you can move, take note of who was nearby and who may have seen it happen. Take pictures of the scene and your injuries, along with any visual contributing factors that cause your injuries. But only do so if you are not causing harm to yourself or risking the safety of others. Assess your injuries, and report the accident to your employer immediately. If your employer has a workplace compensation program, inquire about seeing a doctor the very same day.

Give straight forward and factual details about what happened when filling out the accident report paperwork, but don’t go too in-depth either. You may hope that your employer is going to be supportive and make sure that you get the compensation you need while you take care of your injuries, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some construction workers are surprised to find out that their employer is actually trying to reduce or deny their claim altogether, even if they have a valid claim. If your employer has recently denied your claim or has discouraged you from filing one in the first place, that is something to be concerned about, and we suggest contacting an Athens construction site injury lawyer for further help.

At Norris Injury Law, we have seen employers put themselves first, and not their dedicated employees. Anyone who is injured in a construction accident and wants help as their claim is being canceled, or has noticed something has gone wrong with our claim, now is the time to reach out. An Athens construction site injury lawyer is ready to hear from you.