Multi-Vehicle Pile-ups Lawyer Athens, GA


Multi-car pile-ups can be terrifying for everyone involved. Your injuries could have you unable to work for weeks or even leave you permanently disabled. In the aftermath of a multi-vehicle wreck, establishing liability is crucial, but determining the initial cause of the crash and properly assigning blame to all drivers involved can quickly get tricky. To ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best possible chance for full and fair compensation, you need the help of an experienced  Athens, GA, multi-vehicle pile-ups lawyer.

At Norris Injury Law, we have the training and legal knowledge necessary to thoroughly investigate accidents involving multiple vehicles and assign proper liability. Our resources are vast, and our knowledge of Georgia liability laws is intricate. We offer a free case review and vigorously represent your interests in court and in settlement negotiations. Call today to get started.

Advocacy From An Athens Multi-Vehicle Pile-ups Lawyer

When more than two drivers are involved in a traffic collision, fingers immediately start pointing. Properly assigning responsibility for the crash may take expert insight. Your case and how much (if any) compensation you may receive after the wreck could depend on whether you have a strong advocate representing your interests and protecting your rights.

Our team has the resources, knowledge, and tenacity to shield you after the wreck and demand that the at-fault party or parties properly compensate you for the losses you suffered.

Determining Responsibility After A Multi-Vehicle Crash

Multi-car pileups may involve several distinct events, each of which contributes to the accident. Sometimes, one driver’s easily identifiable negligence or recklessness can make sorting our responsibility simple, but many other times, more than one driver contributes to the wreck, and the extent of the damage is made worse by the errors of multiple drivers.

While the initial police report can often provide insight into how and why the crash happened, it’s not legally binding. The insurance companies representing each party involved may have their own determination about liability, and it’s important that you have a lawyer representing your interests so you aren’t unfairly blamed.

Your multi-vehicle accident attorney can investigate the crash independently and secure the testimony of experts, like crash reconstructionists, who specialize in explaining how multi-vehicle collisions happen. They also gather evidence to demonstrate that you didn’t play a role in the crash, or if you did, that your contribution was minor. This protects your financial interests, as it opens the door for you to file a claim for compensation.

Securing Fair Compensation In The Aftermath Of A Multi-Vehicle Crash

Have you been hurt in a crash involving multiple vehicles? Do you need help unraveling the questions of liability or have questions about how to claim compensation? You may have serious injuries or be facing weeks out of work and deserve compensation for these losses. We can help you. Contact  Norris Injury Law today for a free case review with an Athens multi-vehicle pile-ups lawyer.