Rollover Car Accident Lawyer Athens, GA


The terror and pain of a rollover accident can leave lasting scars, both emotional and physical. You may be in the hospital for weeks or face a long, painful, and costly recovery to regain your abilities. Many people also suffer emotionally, developing PTSD or other mental concerns. You may also be unable to work afterward, further adding to your financial burdens.

We know you’re in a difficult position and don’t have to shoulder these burdens alone. If you didn’t cause the accident, then you may have grounds to demand compensation from the party or parties that did. We can help you get it. An Athens, GA, rollover car accident lawyer from Norris Injury Law can help you seek fair compensation for your injuries and losses and ensure that your rights are protected. We offer free case reviews, and you can schedule yours today.

Catastrophic Injury From A Rollover Accident

A rollover accident is one in which a vehicle rolls, landing on its side or the roof. The driver and passengers may suffer severe injuries as they’re flung about inside. If another vehicle hits your car, the injuries may be even more serious, as the colliding car may hit a vulnerable, unprotected area, like the roof or windows.

Roughly one-third of all vehicle occupant deaths are caused by rollover car accidents. Even if the crash isn’t fatal, you may be left temporarily or permanently disabled. Many people are unable to continue in the same line of work after a crash like this or may even be unable to care for themselves.

A fair settlement from the crash can pay for the extensive medical treatment and nursing care victims require. The settlement can also cover psychological treatment, consideration for pain and suffering, and the impact your injuries have on your ability to earn a living. Our attorneys are ready to fight to ensure you receive the maximum amount possible in your case.

How Can An Athens Rollover Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Getting compensation after a rollover accident isn’t automatic. You must prove that another party (usually another driver) caused the crash and is liable for your injuries. This is where the skills of an experienced car accident lawyer come in. They can investigate the crash and gather evidence, then construct your case using Georgia personal injury statutes and case law.

Your lawyer is your advocate, representing your interests in court, in mediation, and in negotiations with the other driver. They can even handle all the communication related to your case, preventing the other side from twisting your words as an admission of fault.

Getting The Legal Support You Need After A Rollover Crash

Do you need help after a rollover accident? Trust the legal team at  Norris Injury Law to protect your rights and fight for your interests so that you can heal and recover in peace. We’re committed to seeing your case to a positive conclusion and are beside you at every step of the way. Call today for a free consultation with an Athens rollover car accident lawyer.