Brain Injury Lawyer Athens GA

Athens Brain Injury LawyerAs an Athens GA brain injury lawyer knows, of all of the injuries that can happen, brain injuries are among the most serious that anyone can suffer from. There are many reasons why a brain injury may develop, but in some cases, it was because of an injury accident that was caused by an at-fault party. A brain injury could be the direct result of someone’s wrongful or negligent conduct. So it’s important that if you or someone you care about was a victim in an accident, that you reach out today for support. We can help you seek restitution from the person responsible. We have handled cases of brain injuries in the past, and know how to come to your aid immediately. Please don’t hesitate to call us at Norris Injury Law now if you need assistance. 

A severe brain injury can leave someone with an altered future, and their relatives may struggle to deal with the extreme changes in their loved one’s abilities and personality. Each year, brain injuries cause a drastic number of permanent disabilities and deaths. A brain injury can be the result of a sudden blow, jolt, bump to the head, or penetration from an object, all of which can interfere with normal brain functioning. Here are some facts that the Center of Disease Control has provided that represents the number of brain injuries that happen across the nation:

  • More than 1 million people are diagnosed with a brain injury each year.
  • Of these million people, more than 50,000 will die and more than 200,000 people will be hospitalized for a prolonged length of time.
  • Brain injuries are a factor in around one third of all injury-related fatalities in the United States.
  • Those aged between 0-4 years old, 15-19, and adults 65+ are most likely to suffer from a brain injury. 
  • Approximately half of all emergency room brain injury-related visits are children under the age of 14. 
  • Adults who are 75+ have the highest incident rate for brain injury hospitalization and fatality.

As an Athens brain injury lawyer can explain, you may be entitled to repayment for your medical expenses and other losses associated with the injury. A person may be entitled to compensation for loss of income, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and so much more. The types of compensation that you may be eligible to receive will depend on the circumstances surrounding the brain injury accident. As your legal team, we have experience investigating and providing reliable representation. We understand the severity of brain injuries, and how people can suffer due to another’s fault. We are motivated to get victims what they need to recover or live the most comfortable life possible after such a tragic event.

Please, if you or someone you care about was injured in an accident and someone else was responsible, now is the time to get legal assistance. An Athens brain injury lawyer from Norris Injury Law is ready to take your call. As soon as we hear from you, we can get started advocating for your compensation and justice.