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Referring to a rear-end vehicle collision as a “fender bender” may diminish just how serious injuries from this type of accident can be. A rear-ending accident is one in which the front bumper of one vehicle makes contact with the rear bumper of the other, striking the lead car from behind. Usually, these are caused by the trailing driver not properly paying attention to the distance between their car and yours, although there are situations in which the lead driver is liable for the wreck and losses suffered by the other driver.

Whether you were the driver in front or the driver trailing, if another driver’s negligence caused a rear-end collision, you have the legal right to demand compensation to cover your medical care and property damage. An Athens, GA, rear-end collisions accident lawyer from Norris Injury Law can assist you in many ways, including proving the other driver’s liability and properly valuing your claim to ensure a settlement offer covers all your losses. We offer a free initial case review, and you can call us or fill out our online contact form to book yours.

An Athens Rear-End Collisions Accident Lawyer Can Help You After The Crash

Although your first thoughts after being in a rear-end crash likely aren’t “I need a lawyer,” it’s important to reach out to an experienced car wreck attorney as soon as possible. Evidence may disappear fast, or you may face questions from the other driver’s insurance adjuster or attorney that you’re not equipped to answer. A lawyer can preserve evidence in your case and further investigate it, building a claim on your behalf.

Your lawyer also protects your legal interests, including your right to demand fair compensation for your losses from the at-fault driver. Your attorney can communicate with the other party for you so that the insurance company doesn’t twist your words into an admission of fault for the wreck. Because blame in a rear-ending accident is often defaulted to the driver following, it’s critical for a trailing driver who did not cause the crash to retain legal counsel, to prevent blame from being shifted to them.

You don’t have to face the aftermath of a rear-end crash on your own. We can help you.

Securing A Settlement After A Rear-End Accident

Injuries from a rear-end crash can be surprisingly painful. Neck, back, and spinal cord damage is common, and recovery may take months. You’re entitled to full compensation for your medical treatment, including physical therapy or surgery, to correct the damage and help you regain your abilities.

As your lawyer, we correctly estimate your case’s worth, including consideration for your pain and suffering and emotional trauma. We can also make sure that you’re fairly compensated for time missed at work and any effect your injuries have on your earning power afterward.

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