Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Athens GA

Athens Distracted Driving Accident LawyerDriving while distracted is a common reason why vehicular collisions occur, as an Athens GA distracted driving accident lawyer has seen in many cases before. Distracted driving is considered anything that takes your eyes off the road, whether you are texting, eating, talking to passengers, fiddling with the radio, or doing something else. By far, texting is the most alarming type of distraction, as reading or sending a text takes your eyes off the road for a few seconds or longer. Ultimately, it’s not safe to drive a vehicle unless the task at hand has your full attention. Partaking in any non-driving activity as you are driving can become a distraction and increase your odds of being in an accident. If you were injured in a car collision because another driver was distracted, call us at Norris Injury Law about seeking compensation.

Do not try to multitask while driving. Whether you need to choose music to listen to, adjust your mirrors, have a meal, or make a phone call, do so before or after your trip. If you absolutely need to do any of these things, then pull over in a safe area and take a minute to do so before proceeding. As a passenger, speak up if you are in a car with a driver that’s being distracted. Ask the driver to focus on the road and if they need help with anything that you can do so for them. You can also reduce distractions for the driver by helping with navigation or other tasks.

If you are a parent, talk to your young adult about the responsibilities and rules for driving. Share stories and statistics with them about teenage drivers and how easily they can get distracted while driving. Remind them that they have to pay attention to the road at all times so that they do not harm themselves or somebody else. Emphasize that phone calls, text messages, or emails have to wait until they have arrived at their destination. When in the car with your teen, offer a positive example of what safe driving looks like and do not engage in distracted behaviors. For advice after a car accident, an Athens distracted driving accident lawyer is ready to help.

The team at Norris Injury Law knows that driving while distracted is one of the most serious factors involved in auto accidents. All it takes is a few seconds of someone’s attention being pulled from the road to not realize what is up ahead. If you, your teen, or a family member was hurt in an accident with a distracted driver, now is the time to reach out for assistance. Not everyone realizes that a lawyer can be of immense help in the aftermath of a car accident. We are ready and equipped to pursue compensation for injuries, property damages, and losses from the at-fault driver. To get support, consider our offer of a consultation with an Athens distracted driving accident lawyer to discuss the accident, then we can recommend how to move forward. We are only a call or email away.