A recent multi-vehicle crash left six people injured. The accident, which involved three vehicles, occurred at the intersection of 19 North and Jeff Davis Road in North Thomaston. According to information released by the Georgia State Patrol, a 39-year-old driver ran a red light at the intersection, driving her Hyundai Elantra through the intersection, and crashing into a Ford Mustang that had the green light.

The force of the impact threw the Mustang in a counterclockwise rotation where it crashed into a Toyota Tacoma. The driver and her four passengers were transported to the hospital by emergency responders. The driver of the Mustang told police she was injured but declined transportation to the hospital. All three vehicles sustained extensive damage.

Dealing with the Aftermath of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

When two vehicles are involved in an accident, it can be complicated enough, but when the crash involves more than two vehicles, trying to determine liability and pursuing a car accident claim can be downright confusing. This is one reason many car accident victims turn to a skilled Athens, GA car accident lawyer for legal assistance.

One of the most difficult factors in a multi-vehicle crash is determining which driver is liable for each victim’s injuries and losses. This is especially true when there are a number of vehicles involved, such as in a highway pile-up.

The first place a lawyer will start is determining the initial act that triggered the accidents. In most cases, one driver engaged in a negligent or reckless manner and that is where the accident initiated. How the rest of the drivers reacted can also determine whether there will be more than one liable party who will be held responsible for a victim’s losses.

Like the accident that occurred above, one of the most common causes of multi-vehicle accidents is a driver who runs a red light at an intersection, particularly at large and/or busy intersections where there is a heavy amount of traffic.

There are also other common causes of multi-vehicle accidents, including:

  • Speeding – In many of the multi-vehicle accidents we see at our firm, speeding was the initial cause. When a driver travels at excessive speed and suddenly needs to stop because traffic ahead is slowing down or they come upon a red light or stop sign, they may not be able to stop in time. This is a typical scenario in highway pile-ups during morning and evening commutes.

  • Bad weather – Regardless of what the speed limit may be in an area when the weather is bad, drivers need to adjust their speed and how they are operating in order to keep themselves – and other commuters – safe. Heavy rains, fog, and icy roads can create conditions where drivers need to adhere to safe driving practices in order to avoid any type of crash.

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