Car Accidents While Pregnant: The Dangers and Medical Follow-Up

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Car accidents are scary. They’re even more frightening when they happen while you’re pregnant. Besides the peril to you, your unborn child could be harmed. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 170,000 accidents involving expectant women every year. At Norris Law, we have a professional car accident lawyer Athens, GA who is ready to help you in all your car accident lawsuits.

Here are some medical complications to watch out for after a wreck while you’re carrying, along with guidelines for seeking medical attention for your coming bundle of joy.

Post-Crash Pregnancy Complications

Many types of pregnancy difficulties can arise after vehicular incidents. A contrecoup injury occurs when your body is forcefully pushed in multiple directions. When this happens, the effect on your unborn child is similar to that of shaken baby syndrome. This can result in developmental delays and birth defects.

Premature births are more likely to occur after an accident. When infants exit the womb early, medical problems commonly arise. Your child might have trouble eating or breathing on his or her own. Anticipate additional medical bills if one of these scenarios happens, and save documentation of unexpected charges in case you wind up filing a lawsuit.

A mother’s placenta might become separated from the wall that lines the uterus. Should this occur, the fetus might not receive enough nutrients, resulting in lower birth weight or poor physique. Additionally, mothers may experience severe blood loss that requires a transfusion.

Post-Crash Pregnancy Safety and Medical Consultations

It is critical that you take immediate safety measures after a crash. Move off the road unless you are too injured to do so, in which case you should remain as still as possible until help arrives. Promptly seek medical attention if you experience serious problems, such as vaginal bleeding, loss of consciousness, or pelvic pain. 

In instances where a serious injury did not occur, you should still schedule a follow-up with your doctor, particularly if you develop facial swelling, painful urination, chills, or severe headaches. Pay particular attention to your baby’s movements. Any deviation could be a sign of looming trouble. Depending on what it is that your obstetrician discovers, you may be referred to a specialist who deals with high-risk pregnancies. These doctors, known as perinatologists, can be expensive but are sometimes necessary.

Should your infant be injured as the result of someone’s negligence, you should be compensated. Even if your child comes into the world healthy, the additional costs of assuring a safe birth should be passed to the responsible party. Contact our car accident lawyer at Norris Law to discuss the details of your situation. Litigation may well be the appropriate path forward.