Common Causes of Real Estate Litigation 

A real estate litigation case can get out of control very quickly. Developing any kind of real estate project can take a long time to complete, and a number of issues can arise. From partnership disputes to problems involving zoning regulations, there are many issues that you could run into. One problem can lead to a lengthy delay and additional expenses. It is important that you obtain a lawyer who can provide you with the legal assistance that you need to resolve your issue right away. Contact a qualified lawyer like one from Eric Siegel Law to get started and get a consultation for your claim. Here are some of the most common reasons that often lead to real estate litigation. 

Contract Disputes 

A contract agreement contains established terms and conditions that parties must follow. Once a contract is signed, it cannot be modified. Contracts contain information such as the assets included in a transaction, project dates, and more. Unfortunately, there are cases where one party disregards a real estate contract or fails to comply. A lawyer can review your situation and propose a way to resolve it. 

Property Defects

When you buy a home, you expect it to be free of any structural issues or other problems. However, there are often cases where a buyer finds unexpected and undisclosed property defects after they have moved in their home. The seller was not honest when they first described the property to you. You can take legal action against the seller in such cases if you have evidence that they deliberately misled you. 

Labor Dispute

Construction projects for commercial areas and other types of buildings demand many workers. A worker may have an issue with the terms of a contract, or they may accuse the developer of failing to comply with it. A real estate litigation lawyer like one at Eric Siegel Law can review whether a violation occurred and work to protect your legal rights as a worker.

Whether you are a property owner, construction worker, developer, or tenant, a real estate litigation lawyer can guide you through your legal claim. They will negotiate with the other party so that a fair solution can be reached. An experienced lawyer like one at Eric Siegel Law can provide legal assistance to resolve your case. If you are going through a dispute and cannot come to a compromise or agreement, seek help from a qualified lawyer who specializes in real estate litigation. Schedule an appointment and learn more about legal services available now.