Slip and Fall lawyer

While there is sometimes no accurate means to identify when somebody else is legally accountable for something on which causes you to slip and fall, situations depend on the property owner ensuring that slipping and falling was not likely to take place, and whether you were negligent in avoiding the obstacles that may have caused your slip and fall injury. 

If you are unsure of who is liable for a slip and fall accident where serious injury has occurred, consider contacting an experienced slip and fall lawyer. A lawyer will help you navigate your state’s legal system and outline a course of action that may help you get compensation for your damages sustained if the responsible property owner is deemed to be negligent in court.

Below are some basic examples of causes of slip and fall accidents to assist you decide whether another party is at fault for your injury:

  • Could a basic obstacle warning signage have been offered to protect against people from slipping or falling?

  • Has the property owner established a protocol for inspecting the property and ensuring that hazards are fixed in a timely manner? Are hazards clearly marked until they are able to be remedied? If so, what evidence of such protocol does the owner have?

  • If you slipped and fell as a result of an obstruction placed on the floor or ground by someone else, was there a valid reason for such objects to be placed there?

  • If at the time there was a valid reason for the object to be placed, but it was later removed or made safe, could the obstruction have been moved prior to the accident so that it would be safe for passage?

  • If carpeting, flooring, or ground, that was cracked, bulging, or otherwise posing a tripping hazard, or similarly a spill or wet area on a floor or staircase, had the dangerous area been there for enough time that the proprietor should have been aware of it?

  • Could such an object be placed in a safer area without much effort or expense to the responsible property owner or operator?

  • Was inadequate lighting a contributing factor to the incident?

If you have any questions about whether or not your slip and fall accident qualifies for filing a premises liability claim, consider consulting an experienced slip and fall lawyer from the state in which the incident occurred.