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As an experienced trial attorney, I skillfully represent my clients in disputes that only get resolved in or on the way to a courtroom. I listen to my clients and bring creative, aggressive advocacy and common sense to each case. I will fight for my clients and represent them the way I would want to be represented.

When you or a loved one is involved in an accident, the financial hardships that result can put an added strain on the mental and physical pain already endured. The last thing you need is to try to negotiate your claim and damages with a trained insurance adjuster who is employed in a way that rewards or encourages him to deny your claim or underestimate its value. Many times insurance companies will attempt to settle a case quickly to cut or end their exposure to damages that have not even been fully realized by you yet — leaving you to bear the risk of the future.

Because times during and after a wreck can be stressful, it sometimes seems easier to just settle and take whatever you can get. That decision, however, can leave you suffering a lot more down the road without compensation. I'll fight for you and help you navigate the legal process and settle claims in a fair and timely manner.
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    Blaine Norris is an attorney in Athens GA with an emphasis in Wrongful Death, Personal Injury & Auto Accidents.

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