Handling business disputes successfully is not always easy. As a business litigation lawyer like one from Eric Siegal Law knows, there are many types of disputes that a business owner may experience which necessitate the assistance of a lawyer. Some disputes cannot be resolved in a straightforward manner, such as ones involving multiple parties or a party that is uncooperative. If you are a business owner who needs legal assistance regarding one of the following areas, you can turn to a lawyer to assist you. 

Breach of Contract 

Contract violations commonly occur if one party does not agree with the terms of an agreement. Any contract breach should be taken seriously because it can cause significant damage to a business. A business contract is a legally binding document. Parties are expected to fulfill their duties and abide by the terms laid out in the contract, so any breach of contract must be addressed . If the party who breached the contract refuses to take ownership for their mistake, the other party involved can demand that the violating party compensate them. 

Partnership Dispute

Strong partnerships can make or break a business. Partnerships that are successful allow a business to expand more quickly. If a business owner decides to partner with another business owner, they have to agree on the goals that they want to accomplish together. However, disputes between partners or shareholders can happen if parties cannot see eye to eye and settle on a compromise. This can result in one partner threatening litigation against the other. 

Employment Dispute 

Employee disputes are a common type of dispute that a business litigation lawyer sees regularly. When an employee has an issue with a company policy or terms written in their contract, they may threaten litigation against the business. They may claim harassment, wrongful termination, or other complaints. If you are unable to come to a resolution with an employee over an issue, a lawyer can provide assistance if you are dealing with a complex dispute involving an employee. 

There are many other types of cases that a business litigation lawyer can assist clients with. Any type of dispute can escalate into a more serious and complicated problem if it is not properly resolved. Swiftly handling a dispute right away protects your company from long-term or permanent damage. If you need legal support regarding a business dispute, contact a qualified business litigation lawyer that you can depend on to give you necessary and urgent advice.