Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, and they often result in severe injuries or fatalities. Injured victims are usually struck by a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed, which results in broken bones and other serious injuries that often take weeks to recover from. As a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer like one from Yearin Law Office can tell you, sometimes the cause of accidents are a result of preventable mistakes. Be aware of the following errors that motorcycle riders make so that you can avoid them, keeping yourself and others safe. 

Failing to Signal

Some cyclists do not signal to other drivers. Drivers need to communicate with each other effectively so that they understand the actions that a driver is trying to do. Using turn signals and hand signals correctly lets other drivers know where you are trying to go and prevents an accident from happening. When a motorcyclist fails to signal, other drivers may not be able to react in time. A motorcycle is much smaller than cars or trucks and are harder to see, so this is especially important. 


Many people use motorcycles to quickly get around and arrive at their destination faster. However, because motorcycles can accelerate much more quickly, speeding is a common offense. Motorcycles are much harder to steer and control because they are more sensitive than a car. When a cyclist is speeding and something goes wrong, it is much harder to regain control of the motorcycle. 

Performing Dangerous Tricks

Some cyclists ride motorcycles because of their ability to perform tricks such as wheelies. However, performing these tricks on public roads, especially freeways or highways, is illegal. Doing motorcycle tricks counts as reckless driving, and it puts the cyclist and other people’s lives at risk. 

Dangerous Left Turns

Attempting dangerous turns, especially left turns, can lead to catastrophic results. A common mistake that motorcyclists make is misjudging the timing of a turn. Left turn accidents often happen because a rider assumes that their motorcycle is fast enough to be able to successfully make a sharp turn before an oncoming vehicle enters an intersection. 

There are many types of mistakes that motorcycles make which can lead to a collision. Accidents can be prevented if you drive safely and avoid reckless behavior that can needlessly put others at risk. If you have been involved in an accident and want to know your legal options to see if you are eligible for compensation, a motorcycle accident lawyer can provide you with assistance.