What To Expect at Your First Visit to the Chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustment

A visit to the chiropractor is something that many people consider at some point. Maybe you have recently been in an accident or have experienced back or neck pain for a long time. No matter the reason for your visit, you might be wondering what to expect from chiropractic care. Here is an overview of what to expect when you first see a chiropractor.

What Will Happen When I Arrive?

As a specialist in chiropractic adjustment like our friends at AmeriWell Clinics can explain, your first appointment is usually a consultation. During this visit, your physician will gain a better understanding of your injury and determine what treatment is most beneficial for you.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous when you first arrive at a new office. The receptionist will welcome you upon arrival and ask you to complete a few necessary forms. This information provides the office with your medical history. It may also include questions to help the doctor understand your present health condition. Then, you will wait for your meeting with the chiropractor.

Will There Be an Examination?

After checking in, you will meet with your health care professional to discuss your concerns. Following an in-depth discussion of your condition, your physician will conduct a thorough chiropractic examination. They will likely evaluate your ability to bend and turn. They may also check your reflexes and other aspects of your mobility and health.

To establish a baseline for your condition, your chiropractor will most likely order x-rays or other imaging. They can use this information to better understand your situation and can then walk you through how chiropractic care can help. Your medical history, imaging, and physical examination will all be considered together when creating your treatment plan.

How Can I Prepare for the First Visit?

The chiropractor may gather a lot of information from you during your chiropractic consultation, so it’s wise to be prepared to answer all their questions.

Before the appointment, make a note of your family’s medical history and any major health procedures you’ve had in the past. Don’t forget to bring a written list of any medications you may be taking, including dosages. It may also be a smart idea to note any current health concerns or issues you are experiencing.

In addition, make a note of any questions you have ahead of time so that you will remember them. You can easily forget things during an appointment.

When you visit a new doctor’s office, it is natural to feel nervous. But don’t let your fear stop you from getting pain relief. If you suffer from chronic pain or have been injured in an accident, contact a chiropractor today.