Safe Riding Tips to Ride By

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As a motorcyclist it is your responsibility to serve as an ambassador for all other bikers. When one biker drives recklessly, not only does this kind of behavior endanger others on the road, it also diminishes how bikers are perceived by others. As a motorcycle accident lawyer Dallas, TX residents trust can explain, by riding responsibly you are setting an example for other bikers and preserving public perception of bikers, person by person. If motorcycle is your preferred mode of transportation, take a few minutes to review these tips that will help keep you safe and contribute to safer roadway conditions for everyone else on the road.

Wear safety gear.

A person on a motorcycle, cruising down the road at speed is similar in fragility to that of an egg. If you accidentally drop an egg, it may burst completely open, or it may only show a minor crack, depending on the height it was dropped from. Similarly with people, if you drop your bike, it is usually not a question of if you will be injured, but how badly. Complaints of safety gear being “uncool” or uncomfortable is complete nonsense. The more you invest into protective safety gear the more likely you are to walk away from a motorcycle accident.

Ride within your abilities.

This begins with the bike you choose to ride. Typically, the more power your bike has, the heavier and harder to ride it can be. Riding within your skill level also applies to the route you decide to take. Routes with heavy traffic pose a significant hazard to both new and experienced riders, although heavy traffic is notoriously intimidating for a novice rider. Lastly, avoid taking passengers on your back until you are confident in your abilities and are well-familiarized with the machine you ride.

Maintain a regular safety inspection routine.

Every time prior to getting on your ride, do a quick inspection. Check for loose nuts, leaks, tire tread and pressure and anything else that looks out of the ordinary. Be sure to act proactively in repairing anything that needs to be. Neglecting to repair things that obviously need fixing is reckless behavior and can lead to an accident down the road.

Use your eyes. 

Due to the small size of most motorcycle mirrors, they can only communicate so much about what is happening around you on the road. Rotate your head left and right to see if there are potential obstructions in the path you intend to take. By relying on direct visual confirmations you can take the guesswork out of making navigation decisions which directly translates to a safer trip for you and others on the road.

Continuously monitor road conditions.

As a motorcycle rider, you must be hyper-aware of road conditions. Always far ahead for changes in road texture, potholes, grates, and surface changes, all of which motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to. Additionally, check the weather forecast for the day you plan to be riding and make alternative arrangements if you feel unconfident in your abilities to ride in the forecasted weather.

Obey traffic laws!

Yes, this tip is obvious and applies to everyone on the road – we are obligated to include this. By following the rules of the road you are on, you are ensuring that you are doing your part to maintain a safe environment for all other drivers on the road.

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