Top Tips for Preventing Road Rage

Just about every driver has been in a situation where they have or wanted to get angry due to traffic or a slow driver in front of them. Although this is understandable, frequently getting mad at other drivers can result in road rage that causes you to behave erratically on the road. While you’re engaging in road rage, you’re far more likely to cause an accident either to other drivers, pedestrians, or even just yourself and or your passengers. That’s why there are some tips you can use to prevent road rage. 

Always Leave Early for Work or Any Event

One of the biggest frustration when driving is not being able to get to work or an event on time. Even when you do leave your typical time, you may find that a slow driver ahead is causing you to become late and irrational. To prevent this issue, it’s always advisable to leave early with plenty of time to get you to your destination. In doing so, even when dealing with issues such as traffic you will still be able to arrive on time. 

Find Ways to Calm Yourself

While you’re behind the wheel having to drive through another long stretch of traffic, find ways to calm yourself. Listen to calming music or audiobooks and loosen your grip. There are no benefits to gain from getting angry behind the wheel. You can always practice deep breathing. 

Know When to Pick Your Battles

Maybe a driver is tailgating you. Instead of getting out of shape, simply allow them to pass you. Or maybe there’s a more serious issue such as an aggressive driver screaming obscenities at you or honking their horn when it’s not necessary. Instead of engaging with them, it’s better to ignore them by being the grownup in the situation. 

Know When It’s Time to Let Someone Else Drive

Maybe you’re with your spouse or friends on an extended road trip across the country. While road trips can be a lot of fun, sometimes the driving can take a great toll on your mental health. That’s why to prevent road rage and general exhaustion, having someone else take over the driving for a while can work wonders. 

Additionally, if you’re in a location where you can explore other methods of transportation such as walking, taking the bus or subway, or biking, doing those in lieu of driving a couple of times a week can help you recharge. 

Report Suspicious Behavior to the Police 

If you experienced a form of aggressive driving that you believe may put other drivers at risk, be sure to report it to the police if possible, especially if you’re able to get their license plate number. In the case of an aggressive driver following you, instead of going home or your location, you can opt to drive into a police station. Doing so is sure to deter the driver and you can report the incident as well. 

Road rage can put both you and other drivers at risk which is why it’s best to avoid having road rage whenever possible. In the case where road rage leads to a car accident, you can contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Kansas City, KS from our friends at the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A.