The family of a two-year Atlanta toddler who survived a fall down a home elevator shaft is warning other homeowners about the potentially fatal dangers of these devices. The terrifying incident occurred last month when the toddler walked over to a hallway door and fell from the second floor to the basement in the open elevator shaft. The door is not supposed to open if the elevator car is not on the floor, but instead, it opened easily for the child. The elevator’s locking system failed, resulting in the toddler falling 15 feet, landing on the edge of the elevator car, and wedged between the car and the wall.

Emergency workers were able to rescue the child and he was rushed to the hospital with serious bodily injuries. The little boy suffered head injuries, a concussion, and lacerations.

According to an incident report by state investigators, the accident was caused by a “fastener failure.” Investigators found 10 half-inch wood screws in the elevator well. These screws were supposed to be in fiberboard, holding the door’s locking mechanism in securely in place.

The Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s Office has labeled these locking systems as “inadequate and unsafe” and reports there are at least 48 other home elevators in the state with this type of system. The manufacturer of the elevators has been notified by the state to notify every homeowner that has these elevators to stop using them immediately until the systems are modified. The state has also fined the company $5,000.

Defective Products

Every company that designs and/or manufactures a product has a duty of care to make sure their products are safe and pose no unnecessary risk to anyone who uses the product. Judging by the number of recalled products that take place every year, dangerous and defective products are a serious issue. If the company breaches that duty of care, victims can pursue legal action for any losses their injuries have caused. A Watkinsville, GA personal injury lawyer can help victims pursue a product liability lawsuit.

You may be entitled to financial compensation for a number of different damages. The at-fault party can be held liable for all of your medical expenses, including emergency room treatment, surgeries, hospitalization, rehabilitation, medications, and more. You can also pursue lost wages and benefits if you were unable to work while you recovered. Other damages you can pursue include pain and suffering, emotional anguish, permanent disability, loss of life enjoyment, and more.

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