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Truck Accident Lawyer

18 wheeler tractor-trailer wrecks aren’t your typical wrecks. The detrimental collision is only the beginning of the complication. While you are coping with the wreck and poring over hospital bills, time is running out. Commercial tractor-trailer wrecks are time sensitive, and action must be taken quickly. You need a truck accident lawyer quickly. Don’t delay any longer. These trucking companies must be held accountable, and as an experienced truck accident lawyer, I will fight for you and your family. I am here to stand up for the compensation you deserve.
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If you or someone you know has recently been involved in an truck accident then they likely need an experienced truck accident attorney. Our no obligation and confidential case evaluation provides important details about your rights and responsibilities after an accident. Truck accident cases are time sensitive so understanding your rights sooner may make all the difference.

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Truck Accident Lawyer

Get the compensation you deserve for your 18 wheeler or tractor trailer wreck.

The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) reports that there is an average of 23,000 truck accidents every year in the United States. A large number of these collisions result in serious injuries or fatalities. 18 wheeler tractor trailer wrecks aren't just big car wrecks. When an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer collides with a 5,000 pound car the force equation likely means the injuries are worse and death is more likely. Often it is not just "carelessness," but sleep deprived drivers in violation of federal hour or safety regulations causing the wreck. These violations are often the result of trucking companies putting profit over safety.

You need a truck accident lawyer who will fight to get you and your family compensated.

Time is of the essence in a truck wreck case and you need an attorney quickly before the evidence helpful to your case gets destroyed. Sometimes trucking companies would rather destroy the records than let them see the light of day in a courtroom. Delay allows the companies to destroy records and escape accountability. Let Blaine Norris and his staff fight for you and your family.

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There are no fees unless I recoup money for you.
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Blaine is the litigator's litigator. Quick wit, brilliant style, careful and pointed analysis - in and out of the courtroom.

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Blaine didn’t take no for an answer and in the end, all my medical was paid and I received a comfortable settlement check.

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Blaine is Admitted In:

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  • Georgia Supreme Court ('98)
  • Georgia Court of Appeals ('98)
  • US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit ('08)
  • US District Court, Northern District of Georgia ('98)
  • US District Court, Middle District of Georgia ('00)

About Blaine

    Blaine is a trial lawyer with an expertise in personal injury cases. He graduated with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law and went on to begin practice in Atlanta. He relocated to Athens with a passion to serve the community he loves. Blaine and his family are members of Redeemer Presbyterian church.

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